Filming Report And Set Photos

Bandar CemeThanks to DarkUFO reader Sarah for the following report and photos.

Attached are photos and my own report of the filming that took place on 3/10/-probably same as gamblingman (from iPhone, so fuzzy).

Vacationing in Oahu this week-went up to North Shore and saw blocking of a Locke/Alpert scene on beach camp set across from Dillingham airfield. I’m not usually very observant of the recent sets- looked like new beach camp with several racks of drying fish and a few circular burlap tents. Terry O’Quinn rehearsed a scene carrying what looked like a wild boar prop over his shoulders, still in his funeral shirt and pants. Saw trailers of “Ben and Locke,” “Sun,” and “Miles.” My husband spied a blue Dharma van just past the trailers, got some great photos, made my day. Maybe shooting the finale?

Source: Sarah