Official Abc Podcast And Video

Bandar Ceme OnlineThanks to JackTalksSmack for the heads up.

Co-EP Jean Higgins takes us on a tour of the Dharma infirmary & Ajira Airways set. (He’s Our You airs 3/25/09)

Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse prehash He’s Our You (3/25/09) & ask the fans to help nickname season five’s simpulan scene.

Thanks to Dogma9 for the overview

-Confirms Baby Ethan is THE Ethan(Who kidnapped Claire) and we will see how he got from DHARMA to the others.
-Jacob Told Ben to build the runway.
-Hints that “Hes are you” might refer to somone(a torturer) just like Sayid(Possibly a DHARMA torturer?).
-No Hurley bird in the Season finale
-We Will learn more about the Swan. Hints that whats behind the concrete wall may just be pure energy. (Difficult to show, claims its bright and loud).
That is despelled by pressing the button(Via Domus Incident room wasn’t really confirmed).
-The little girl is Charlotte, the birthdate is a production error(Done by Rebecca Mader)
– Hints that Walts vision about people wanting to hurt Locke is about the Ajira survivors hurting him.