Small Snippet

Bandar CemeThanks to Corinne and Carmel for the heads up and translations

Translated from the Israeli news website Ynet, published March 16, 2009:

While Israeli movie stars try their luck in Hollywood, two anonymous Israelis, Niv Revino and Danny Gilad managed to infiltrate the set of “Lost” and appear in the current season.

It all started when the show’s stylist happened to walk into the clothing store in Honolulu where Revino worked and suggested he audition. After he passed, Revino started filming for four months on the Hawaii set.

But it doesn’t end here; Trust Israelis to bring along their friends. Revino suggested to the casting director to include is good friend Danny Gilad, and that is how the two anonymous guys got small roles alongside Matthew Fox and Jorge Garcia.

“My character’s name is called Elmer and I am part of Dharma. Danny is one of the Others. We don’t have a large part, but we have a few lines and lots of interaction with Sawyer,” Revino said.


I’ve got an israeli-angle spoiler for you. YNET israeli news site, ran a story about two young israelis working in a clothes shop in Hawaii that met the stylist of Lost and he offered them to audition for small parts on the show. they made the auditions and filmed smallish roles in a few episodes. one of them appears for the first time on “namaste”, his name is Niv Rabino and he plays a guy named Almar from Dharma. he has a few lines and works mostly with sawyer so i guess he’s on the security team. the other guy, dani gilad, will play one of the others, probably without any lines. but that gives us some idea on what to expect – pherhaps some clashes between the groups?

Source: ynet