Filming Report – Season Finale

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I am currently on vacation and just left Hawaii. While touring the island looking for lost sites, camp erdman, the beach, looking for the fuselage ect and hoping to meet anyone from the show but knowing this was very unlucky, I managed to come upon the filming of lost. Here is what I saw. I do have pics and can post them when I get back home. I am currently on a cruise ship.

They were filming on the beach. Set up were multiple tan tents. I believe the new guy that looks like Syied was sitting outside one of the tents with a metal basin, like one you would put water in. I believe these tents belonged to the crash survivors of the Aijera flight. (yes I know my spelling is probably way off). Sitting on the beach were Ben, Sun and Locke. Richard walks up to them and has something in his hand, maybe the compass he gave John, I don’t know. They talk for a minute and then he walks away. What I found interesting is that John and Ben were with Sun and they were talking to Richard. We also went to camp erdman and there was a house, hut, cabin whatever you want to call it that was blown up. Not sure if that is from a previous episode or something coming up.

I got my picture taken with Terry which was awesome. I also got some pics with a Dharma van. Best day of my cruise and vacation. They had a lady at security that kept asking us not to take pictures and to step back. But I got quite a few.

The surf was good at North Shore. End of season for what I am told. No monstrous waves, but I would have put them at about 10 – 15 feet. Biggest I have ever seen. Terry was a real nice guy. He held the camera for the pics that we took together lol. After we took one, I said thank you and he suggested a second so that it was sure to come out. The real amazing thing was when I watched lost when I got back on the ship after I posted and I realized that his voice and mannerisms were exactly the same on the show as when I met him and he was not filming. I have watched some interviews with other cast members and they always seem different from the character they are playing. Terry was playing catch with someone that was younger, not sure if it was a cast member or crew, but it sticks out now that he was dressed like Locke (of course he would be since they were filming) but also that he sounded and had the same mannerisms. Another funny thing is that Richard was so easy to spot on the set. he has this way of standing and walking that stands out. His arms are always out from his body when he walks lol. Anyway, I will definitely post some pics when I get back on Thursday. I got some pics of the garage area where Juliet was working on the vehicles in the last episode too. Very neat to have seen this in person. Take Care

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